ALT null51/51

Only on Tezos! A new family of custom-VLSI CPU chips tailor-made for running fxhash!

The advanced technology, smuggled from secret government labs and based on alien devices found on the Roswell craft, permit high performance rendering of Grail-level generative tokens. Billions of patented "smol-FET" transistors are wired together in dense computational clusters.

The CPU instruction set includes operations specifically designed for drawing gen-art tropes such as mountains, lakes, sand-dunes, gardens, and even bored simian constructs.

Viewing of these generative tokens on non-fxCPU enabled machines may be rather slow, taking many 10's of seconds of rendering time. So, be patient, and while waiting for the reveal, dream of one day having a computer with the fxCPU chip installed!

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