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BRIDGE is a collaborative project for fx(hash), conceived by Camille Roux. The project was announced on Twitter on Feb. 7, 2022 [1]. Artists were given two weeks to contribute code that would draw tiles representing a bridge, in their own style. Artists were free to implement their own artistic vision, subject to one simple constraint: Respect the coordinates of the tiles for each iteration of the art.

Each iteration has a default style determined randomly at mint. This style is named in the features and displayed in the thumbnail. However, each iteration includes all styles, and you can cycle through them by clicking on or touching the image. Styles will be shown in the order in which they are listed under INCLUDED STYLES.

Press "s" to save a screenshot.


I'm Camille Roux. I planned to do a lot of collab this year with fx(hash) artists I like, but it takes too much time, or maybe I like too many artists :) Some days ago, I woke up with this idea in mind: "Hey! What if I make a collaboration with all the artists I like at once!" This is how the BRIDGE project was born.

Moreover, I love the mutual aid and solidarity between fx(hash) generative artists. The BRIDGE can be seen as a symbol of the link between us ♥️.

The project has also served as an inspiration for participants to extend and develop their coding skills outside their usual areas of interest. The code for the entire project remains available on GitHub [2].


Text-to-Bridge (TTB) by Ada Ada Ada

Blest Path by Anaglyphic

The Old Woody Dock by Aqw_Zert

Bridge-Tunnel by Laurent Houdard

Evaporating by Camille Roux

Buildings by Camille Roux

TGH Bridge by David Esq

Citadel by devnull

Einstein–Rosen by Elsif

Path through the city by Estienne

starry night//glitchy night by frederative

Blackboard by Generative Pen

Mozaik by Gorik

Devour by grosgg

burning bridges by jeres

Space Disco Dancefloor by Julien Labat

/nt/r/t///a/ by lunarean

Nara by Makio64

Bifrost by mandyBrigwell

Rain under the stars by Matt Circles

Esoteric Oasis by Nick Dima

Street Lights by phil_osophie

Rise by Robin Metcalfe

Flower Bridge by RVig

here comes the sun by shuhblam

Into another world by Claus O. Wilke



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