Spark Chambers

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At the crossroads of science and art, Spark Chambers is a cosmic ray painting experience.

The first image you get is the result of the combination of spark chambers with unique design and the cosmic ray flux (the angular resolution of the cosmic ray flux is the real one). The painting is produced by the « sparks » induced by the cosmic rays inside the spark chambers.

Different features are used to compute rarity level.

This cosmic painting can be animated (press space or left-click).
You can enjoy a never ending cosmic painting by pressing a (with change of colors, detectors, etc…).

To experience Spark Chambers as a realistic cosmic ray experiment, press m and you’ll enjoy the cosmic flux as you can see it in museum with real spark chambers…
Cosmic ray flux is intense, 100 cosmic rays/m2/s at sea level !
Take some time to look at these tracks, sometimes you’ll see specific nuclear interactions…. (even neutrinos like interactions…).

There are many possibilities of interaction with the token if you wish to (press h to display all the possibilities in Open Live).

In particular you can save all the beautiful images you’ll produce in high resolution press h for details).

(*) Spark chambers have been widely used at the beginning of the 19th century to study subatomic physics. They consist in a stack of metal plates placed in a sealed box filled with a noble gas. When a charged particle from a cosmic ray travels through the box, it ionises the gas between the plates. A high voltage is applied between each adjacent pair of plates before that ionisation disappears, then sparks can be made to form along the trajectory taken by the ray, and the cosmic ray in effect becomes visible as a line of sparks. Adapted from Wikipedia.


Price is not fixed and will change with time (down or up).
It will start as a Dutch Auction, dropping price every 5 minutes from 10 to 6 tez.

More informations on the project :

This artwork was created using p5js, scribble, chroma-js and sweetalert2.

TidallyDisruptedStar (Twitter : @TidallyD). Paris. 22-2-22.

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