Triangular Dreams

Leonardo Solaas35/35

Delaunay triangulation is a good old resource in the generative toolbox. In this work I’ve tried to give it a new twist, combining it with different methods to place points in space, and filling each triangle with lines that go from one corner to the opposite side. The goal is to generate a wide range of semi-abstract scenes, that can sometimes be reminiscent of the work of Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger or other Bauhaus members.

[c] to switch between 3 color modes: color mixes, color zones and monochrome
[f] to toggle fullscreen
[s] to save a screen capture
[2] to [9] to generate and save a hi-res image at 2x, 3x, … your viewport size

This work will adapt nicely to any screen format.
No palettes have been used, it is all random colors within a certain hue and saturation range.
Made with p5.js and d3.js

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