Calculus of Variations, pt. 1


Studies in Artificial Life aesthetics, part 1.

Implements 1 fxhash feature: whether it is a Game of Life or not.

gpt3 review of this artwork:
"M.R. Smith: "This is an experimental approach to
artificial life that was first explored in
B.R.Y., a simulation package designed for the
C.L.U.T. It has been used to evaluate a number
of ideas about how biological agents, such as
cells, develop and interact. Here it is being
used to explore the idea that 'Artificial life
is an attempt to explore the nature of life
as seen by a mathematician. In a sense this is
akin to an art form in that it explores the
relationships between the components of a
function rather than trying to 'decipher the
message' of some particular message. The
artistic element comes into play here when we
ask the same question to a mathematical
point of view. Can we do anything to the
function that is impossible in the natural

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