anaverse - Blest atrium


Your first home in the Anaverse.

/!\ Please read this description carefully

/!\ This token will first be disabled for post-mint integrity check. It should be enabled shortly after hitting the FXHASH front page. Check the twitter account linked to this wallet for more detail.

/!\ This is the first public generative token of its kind to be loaded in the Anaverse. This is a room token, which means it is one of the world decor available. When an iteration of this token is minted, it is made available in the anaverse for use. Please consult my twitter feed for more detail on the Anaverse.

/!\ This token does NOT make any network requests. If you see a token looking like anaglyphic tokens sending network requests, check the wallet of the issuer and report it if it isn't from the current verified account.

/!\ Anaglyphic generative tokens that are not linked to this verified anaglyphic wallet will not be loadable in the anaverse. Always check the identity of the issuer.

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