Bravata is part of the inaugural 'Outliers" group show curated by Atelier (
This abstract generative artwork explores the human experience of "bravata", a Portuguese word often translated into English as "bravado". Bravado is a sentiment we have when we put on a good face, or attempt to be brave in the face of something challenging. In that moment, beneath the surface, we meet ourselves exactly where we are: vulnerable, malleable, and forever subject to the currents of change. When we submit fully to this experience, there is something aquatic, organic and familiar, yet quite otherworldly that occurs: we sense that we are free falling, but when we can relax into it, we discover that there is no ground.

This work aims to capture the beauty, the messiness and the utter mystery of what it means to be human and deeply uncertain, yet somehow still hopeful.

Instructions for a better experience:

-The work will start rendering the textures and points on its background, then will fastly render the remaining elements.

After render:

-In live view mode, press from "1-5" in your keyboard to adjust the resolution/density of the work.
-Then press "S" to save a .png file of the work in the quality you choose.

-Palettes: Heat, Mono, Sea, Æther, Reef, Kozan.
-Noise Scale.
-Noise Strength.
-Texture Values.

This is a work created with p5.js

Omar Lobato & Atelier, 2023.

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