Dancing Dragons


Dancing Dragons uses a custom-built 3d-framework to draw shapes in perspective depending on the mouse/finger position.
It provides a 3d-interaction experience and even allows to see "under the water surface".

The artwork is animated, interactive and day-time dependent (!), which means the sun rises and sets based on your defined system time. This way, 'Dancing Dragons' will look differently depending at which time you load it.

Use left- and right-arrow keys to time-travel or press 'C' to see a full day/night-cycle.

It's possible to use the alphanumeric keys to set a high-res resolution (1-9), the higher the number, the higher the resolution.

Press 'S' to save the current still.
Press 'P' to Play/Pause the animation.
Press 'R' to render in responsive-mode (final rendering will look different, obviously)
Press 'T' to see the used color-palette.
Press 'D' to force the 'preview values'.

Double-lick or tap with two fingers to show the circular-menu.

- @TeNinEightNFTs

Created with p5.js

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