Pensado a mano


WARNING: Read instructions so you don’t get a broken token!!

Q: Why haven’t you tried fx(params)?
A: Pff.. Sliders?

“Pensado a mano” explores the intersection of Generative Art and Hand Drawing. The collector, by drawing a predefined number of shapes on canvas, creates a unique hand-crafted seed that generates the final artwork. That is the only customisable param, thought by hand, which interacts with various random attributes to produce a unique composition.

“…the time we spend doing and making things, the process…”

And yet the process continues. On the background, the code generates a plottable svg.
An artificially extended process, from hand to screen, from screen to paper, that creates a new kind of mixed media.

Signed plots will soon be claimable via Artfora (tbd price + shipping)


1 - Draw the requested shapes and wait to see the result. You can change the Seed Nr. slider if you don't like the selected mode.
2 - Press “C” to copy drawing to Clipboard
3 - Copy the clipboard contents to the text-input on the fx(params) sidebar

***Important. If you buy several tickets, make sure you don't mint the same Seed Nr. twice (slider)

press “S” to save the PNG, press “P” to plot the SVG


This is a high-supply token minted during a bear market. Have Fun.

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