Terrainity is the result of experiments with perspective drawing (and sorting), tracing noise-field contours and circle-pack algorithms.
The base terrain is randomly generated for every (fx)hash, while some attributes can be configured through (fx)params.

Move mouse or tap and move to change perspective.
On iOS double-tap and click “Gyroscope” to allow gyroscope interaction.

Has impact on the structure of the terrain. The lower the number the more simple the terrain will be. A higher number will result in a more twisted and complex scenery.

Has impact on the general scale of the features (trees, bushes, rocks). The higher the number the larger the features.

Flora Density:
Has impact on the density of floral features (bushes and trees). The higher the number the denser the outcome.

Defines the base color of the terrain.

Defines the base color of the water.

Vignette (In):
Defines the inner color of a circular vignette effect.

Vignette (out):
Defines the outer color of a circular vignette effect.

Double-click or double-tap to open menu.

“S”-key = Save current frame
“P”-key = Play/Pause
“R”-key = Toggle responsive format (will look differently)
Number 1-8 Keys = Upscale 1x-8x

- @TeNinEightNFTs

Created with p5.js

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