Para Metric #3


This is the third and final piece of the Para Metric series. This time you can use the params to change the artwork to your liking. It is smoother, more colourful, more customizable and has way more possibilities for the shapes than the previous Para Metric works.

Concerning the customizable parameters:
- Both the colour of the background and the shape are customizable. Don't forget the alpha value for the shape colour.
- The number of rows and columns can be changed.
- When choosing multiple shapes, you can choose to have one or multiple shapes.
- The number of frames before the preview is taken can be changed. This results in a change of intensity for the piece.
- The distance between the border, and in between shapes can be varied.
- The mysterious N parameter within the script can be changed. Lower values of N lead to pieces more alike the older para metric series, while for higher values the shapes tend to have smoother surfaces.
- You can NOT change what your shape looks like! You can only change the above-mentioned parameters!

Made by MathBird in P5js! Enjoy!

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