Paths That Join

Sam Tsao186/200

Connections, paths, flow. Paths That Join is about representing these ideas in a simple and poignant way. There is an invisible grid. Points are selected at random, serving as anchors, joints to a whole. Like the five pointed star that you could draw with a stroke of a pen without lifting the nib, the selected points are connected and their order is also random. An arc or a straight path connect any two points. The paths they make pulsate, spreading color into the surrounding pixels. Their arrangements criss-cross or, in other iterations, evoke glyphs and abstract park plans. Their directions are both circular and angular. They are paths that join.

This piece is created with P5.js, p5Fbo by Adam Ferriss and ShadowCLJS for You Topia, an exhibition by VerticalCrypto Art and The NFT Gallery.

Paths That Join is best viewed in Chrome at a resolution of 1920x1080.

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