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Paleterum (latin “plate”, “board”) — a flat surface that is used by artists to hold and mix colors.
This artwork is an attempt to simulate the look of watercolor on paper. Inspired by childhood memories that passed through the watercolor sketches of my mother, who was an artist, the piece reflects my admiration for her work and her influence on my own artistic endeavors.
Intricate forms contrast with the strict forms of cells. All these are echoes from childhood - watercolor lines of a child not bothered by a special artistic idea but trying at least to a fraction of mastering the fine arts and cubes reminiscent of ones which children use to build towers.
Overall, the piece is a tribute to the joy and creativity of childhood, and to the power of artistic inspiration that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Made with p5js and a few GLSL shaders.

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