Unfinished Loom


The 'Unfinished Loom' is a generative system that produces variations of itself through rotations, displacements, and self-repetition.

Self-similarity in the loom is achieved by repeating the double grid system and its elements vertically (using the 'o' and 'l' keys) and horizontally (using the 'i' and 'k' keys).

Pressing 'a' produces automatic changes, while pressing 'x' reverts to the original composition.

By clicking on the canvas, you can play with colors and transparency.

The '1' key toggles between disorder and order.
The '2' and '3' keys allow you to toggle displacements.
The '4' key enables you to switch between entropy or not.
The '5' key lets you switch between mixed textures or assigned textures.

You can reduce, amplify, or flip the displacement using the 'u' or 'j' key.
To remove a color press 'c'. To reset to all colors, press 'v'.

You can save a PNG file using 's', a JPG using 'd', a PNG with twice your window height using 'f', and a print size image using 'g'.

This work explores composition based on generative double grid system, where rotations, displacements and noisy lines intertwine to form a playful loom.

Created with p5.js rendering in WEBGL.

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