Fabula (lat.) is a chronologically sequential representation of events and adventures in a work of art; canvas, a scheme of development of life events, presented in a sequential order.

As in "Secrets" and "Melancholia", in this work I continue to explore the psychological diversity of people and their feelings, using colors and abstract shapes.

Just a few of my actions from the past define the overall picture of my life. These are important events in a certain sequence, my achievements and mistakes, which most significantly affected where I am now. There are only a few of them, but their influence on my present and my future is enormous. I would like to change some of my actions, but it is already too late - the decisions have been made, the roads to my future have been paved, the plot of my story has been formed, the picture of my life has been drawn. The only thing left for me is to believe that I will still be able to add a few good touches to the canvas. In this work, the placement of figures on the canvas demonstrates the influence of one or another of my actions on my entire life, and the colors indicate its psychological evaluation. Probably, the same can be said about every person. Each of us creates our own fabula and paints our own picture, the colors and shapes of which sometimes make up a very harmonious overall image, regardless of what meaning it carries, positive or negative. And this strange harmony can become a separate topic for an interesting discussion, because it can be the key to proper self-awareness and self-perception.

Technically, we have a simple Voronoi algorithm with my own metric. No predefined shapes like lines, curves or circles are used here. 3-14 points (X,Y-coordinates, in the console) are randomly fixed on the canvas => these are the vertices of the diagram, around which, according to the metric, unique Voronoi cells are sequentially formed pixel by pixel, each of which has its own shape and color. The number of important human actions corresponds to the number of colors and vertices of the Voronoi diagram. Also, note that the borders of the cells are specially blurred (clearly visible if you zoom in), because each of the colors (actions) can potentially displace part of the others, increasing its impact on the overall picture. After all, the past does not just weigh on us, it largely determines our future.

Press "S" to save PNG (4000x5200px).

Kyiv, 01.2023

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