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Adjacent is the third in a set of collections based on a month-long study of Edward Zajec, one of the early pioneers of generative art. This piece focuses on the study of Diagonal White, a series he developed between 1970 and 1975.

In 1976, Ruth Leavitt published a collection of papers titled "Artist & Computer", which highlighted the 35 prominent generative artists and asked them to discuss their work. They were posed questions like, "Do you feel art work created with a computer has now or will have an impact on art as a whole in the future?". Edward Zajec was a subject of one of those papers and in it detailed the approach to Diagonal White.

The original program was run on a CDC 6200 computer at The Univeresiry of Trieste. The programming was done in collaboration with Dr. Matjaz Hmeljak, his long-time technical partner. Inspired by his collaborative relationship, Adjacent the output of a partnership between Christine Hall and Chris Maddern.

Controls (in live view):
- Press [s] to save a high-resolution version of the image

Made in p5js
Created January 2023
By @christine_hall and @chrismaddern

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