Twistings, the "Explore Variety" collection, explores the beauty & variety that is hidden within the simple math of Archimedean spirals.

There are seven different circular "entities", each brought forward by using slightly different mathematical settings of the spiral formulas: Drops, Circles, Fireworks, Flowers, Roses, Spirals & Twisters.



I love both the concept of a heavily curated set, hand picked by the artist, the best representation / the most beautiful, but also the concept of the larger, random collections showing the variety hidden within the algorithm.

I've therefore also released an "Artist Curated" collection of 7 pieces that I meticulously hand-picked from over 1000 outputs. You can find these on the platform (under my name "nadieh"). They represent my favorite for each of the seven unique entities. A free mint of this "Explore Variety" collection will be airdropped to each buyer of a "Curated" piece.



n - Toggle grainy noise on/off (on by default, it's subtle to see)

s - Save the image at the current window size and pixel density

To save a larger image you can add the parameter `&pixeldensity=2` (or another number) to the end of the URL when viewed on the live page. Afterwards press "s" to save the image. The number is the factor with which the width and height are increased w.r.t. the current window size.

-- The larger the image / pixeldensity, the longer it will take to create & save --



It works best and fastest in Firefox!

As of the drop day there is a browser bug for Chrome on the ARM Apple laptops. It incorrectly visualizes certain color blend modes. The following color palettes are affected: Antique, Camping, Pastel, Prime & Rainbow. I hope/assume this will be fixed soon.


Created by Nadieh Bremer
Twitter & Instagram: @NadiehBremer

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