Entangled shapes


This project was born from an experiment that consists in arranging shapes in a random way by drawing the places where they overlap. To describe this superposition, the sides of the shapes are progressively reduced and if a part of the outline is inscribed in the other shape then it is drawn.

In fine, a shape needs the other shapes to be described.
I see in this relationship a metaphor of our own existence as human beings where each one defines itself in relation to the others.

Controls in live mode
You can access a controls window by clicking on the sketch.
You can also control the sketch with the keyboard:
[r] restarts the animation.
[d] allows to download a PNG.
[1][2][3][4] changes the scale of the canvas and the PNG.

This work is part of the Hybrid series, to learn more open the link available in the control window.

Nicolas Lebrun | Twitter: @nclslbrn

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