Hatch Field 002


P5js drawing on fx(hash). Experimenting with translating recent work in done in Grasshopper exploring hatch patterns to p5.js. By Andrew Kudless / Matsys @matsysdesign
There are five feature groups:
- Base Hue: Red, Orange, Yellow, Spring Green, Green, Ocean Green, Cyan, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, and Crimson. Each has the same random chance of being the base color (12%).
- Hue Range: Narrow (14%), Wide (51%), and Infinite(34%)
- Lineweight: Thin (5%), Medium (10%), Thick (10%), Extra Thick (75%)
- Fray: Loose (90%), Tight (10%)
- Wind: Eastern Hurricane (10%), Eastern Gale (10%), Eastern Breeze (20%), Calm (20%), Western Breeze (20%), Western Gale (10%), Western Hurricane (10%)

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