Bright Circuits


Looking at a motherboard seems like leaning over a busy city. Underneath the dense buildings (the components) runs at speed of electric fields an intricate transportation network that would drive any of our most practiced commuters crazy.
Designing circuit boards has been my job for a while. In addition to the technical approach I've come to deeply appreciate their aesthetical quality. The bond with generative art was striking to me.

The core code for "Bright Circuits" is a strict transcription of the rules at work when routing circuit tracks, i.e they can make 45° or 90° turns, they must respect a security gap between each other, and above all, they must never overlap. When the routing problem has no solution, we solve it by adding another layer of tracks, which communicates through soldered drill holes (Bright Circuits can have up to 3 layers).

At this point, the engineer in me got carried away by the art. As I was evolving from function to form, I started to imagine that the tracks where lifeforms driven by natural impulses, in an attempt to reach either freedom or a higher level of collective consciousness.
Despite the advent of AI we know that something that still differentiates the human from the machine is the ability to both feel, and conceptualise the feeling ; the free will and the ability for undeterministic decisioning.

Circuit tracks have managed to escape their boxed fate and arrange in shapes such as a circle, a heart, a skull (the components of a Vanity).
They now seek the experience of feeling. They have comprehended that feeling comes in a large palette of possibilities. Bright tracks are attracted to light (or positive moods), while dark tracks are running away from it (dark moods). The mix of both movements reflects the complexity of human feeling, which translates into a large variety of visual patterns.
Occasionally, they will go as far as outpassing their fundamental electronics rules and display a breakthrough creative mindset through features called "artistic rebellion" and "cartesian rebellion". "Bright Circuits" will also communicate through a pair of human words their clumsy attempt at feeling and doubting.

- press [s] in live view to export a PNG image file, between 9 and 8000 pixels wide.
- press [enter] to stop the animation and go straight to the result

Code in Vanilla Javascript + CSS

10% of the royalties are for minters

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