Digital Images for Analog Eyes


An attempt at capturing a uniquely digital aesthetic in code-generated images.
Alternatively this is just experimentation with color, noise and the modulo operator.

Details may vary per device, aspect ratio and window size

Generative images by @0x3739
Visuals are code-generated
library: twgljs - A Tiny WebGL helper Library
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

'-' to zoom in.
'+' to zoom out.
'k' to decompose/pixelize the image.
Can take up to 10 decomposing steps before the effect is visible.
'8' or 'arrow_up' to move up in the image.
'5' or 'arrow_down' to move down in the image.
'6' or 'arrow_right' to move right in the image.
'4' or 'arrow_left' to move left in the image.
'1,f,w,a' to change the aspect ratio.
's' to save an image of the canvas.
'h' to increase the quality modifier (maximum is 5).
'l' to decrease the quality modifier (minimum is 1).
The quality modifier is a modifier on the width and height of the canvas.
Changing the modifier can affect the look of the image due to subpixel artifacts.
Use the modifier to save higher resolution images.

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