Psy 2022 (walkers, 13KB)


There are a lot of different possibilities. Sometimes it looks like a sun, like a matrix, like an ocean, like a fire, like a rain, like a windy day, like a pencil strikethrough or like a watercolor. I'm not sure that all are at the "variations" button here.

Again I'm playing around random walker.
It's PURE JS, unzipped 13kb!!!

After some time the part of collection may be burned (your Collected NFTs description will not include some additional text, only important)

- Click to save the result at current frame
- Palette: one of 8 palettes
- Amount: amount of walkers from 4000 to 8000
- Psy Matrix: is matrix effect, it's always goes down and colors like in Matrix
- Sign: has HaSh2aRt sign ≈7.5%
- To Right: ≈18%
- To Top: ≈18%
- To Down: if not "To top" then ≈18%

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