Stone Packing

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Stone Packing

This work represents abstract drawings of tightly packed stones. Each stone is unique with its own shape and texture made by drawing thousands of lines between its edges. All drawing is made in 2D without using effects, filters, or external textures. There are several types of stone arrangements and over 70 carefully selected color palettes. The process of generation is animated. As a bonus option, you can draw variants with green or sunburnt grass in the space between stones, or with moss over the stones. Best viewed in live mode.


- press 's' to save the PNG image of the current view.
- press '1' to save 3600x2400 PNG image
- press '2' to save 5400x3600 PNG image
- press '3' to save 7200x4800 PNG image
- press '4' to save 9000x6000 PNG image
- press 'r' to repeat the animation

Bonus options:

- press 'g' to render variant with grass
- press 'b' to render variant with sunburnt grass
- press 'm' to render variant with moss
- press 'n' for normal render

The artwork was created using p5js. Tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


NFT Licence
February 2022.

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