Let's Talk About Mediocrity


Let's Talk About Mediocrity:

Mediocrity, an author said some decades ago, is fatal. Its uninspiring ways, easy ground to craft excuses, make it opium for all sloths and unambitious folks. Pop culture, anecdotal evidence, and a cultural understanding have backed the mandate that being average is a blemish on personality.

Think of the ideas we’re programmed to go up against: how to be “most successful,” “most popular,” most… anything. The superlative to existence must be a constant state, and falling short raises questions about ambition and merit.

But what really is that, Mediocrity is underrated.

Whatever a mediocre person does is for themselves. They may do it just for the joy of it and by that logic, are less tied to its outcome. Mediocrity is a celebration of personal choice and individuality. The acceptance of your limitations may liberate you.

Collect a piece and share your story -> #letstalkaboutmediocrity

Love, Kyra

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