Unswept Floor


'Unswept Floor' is generative piece based on an earlier project from 2014, 'Consume or Die': http://www.trisant.xyz/consume-or-die-2014/
Nuts, cherries, wishbones etc. reference the discarded household items depicted in the 'Unswept Floor' mosaic by Sosus of Pergamon, Heraklitos 2ndCentury B.C., while ‘device’ is based on modern products such as phones and screens. The title is also a nod to 'sweeping the floor' of NFT collections.
Ancient trash is resurrected in a modern setting echoing commercial display and luxury advertising. Each generative token will have a selection of 9 objects with differing animated color, variable speed and token rarity.
Object rarity: / Wishbone: 2% / Cherry: 4% / Twig: 7% / Leaf: 9% / Nutshell: 9% / Lobster Shell: 10% / Bone: 10% / Bulb: 11% / Seedpod: 12% / Nut: 13% / Device: 13%/
Created by Trisant, using THREE.js (2022)

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