Painted Mountain Sunset


The goal of this project was to create an ever-changing landscape scene in the mountains using a specific technique and iterating over it throughout the painting. You will see the same brushstroke used over all the elements of the painting.

Layers are used throughout and illustrated by birds moving between mountains. The sun sets, the moon comes out, the sun rises. In perpetuity. No specific exactitude. Just a nice scene. A fun project with a crafted look. It was actually quite difficult to figure out when I was done with this project without being self indulgent. Hopefully I didn't go too far... There are many variations and constant randomness involved throughout. Shooting stars. A UFO maybe.

*Meant to be viewed in landscape.

The initial render can take more than a few seconds, but it runs at 60 fps after render without problem.

click/tap left/right side of screen
to speed up/slow down the animation

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