NFT Millions Lotto 04

NFT Millions Lotto1/1

Welcome to NFT Millions Lotto 04 ~2/13 15:00(UTC+0)
Jackpot= 1.7 tez

*You can redeem your award if you win!*

How to Redeem?
- Follow us(, DM and provide your winning collection page. You have to own the collection and use the verified twitter account to DM.
- After confirmation, You'll receive award in your tezos wallet.
- Each winning collection can only redeem once, so don't buy others' winning collection on marketplace (You can't tell if it's redeemed).

- Your numbers will be revealed after minting. The numbers are totally random.
- Win 1 number, you'll get 0.4 tez (12.1%)
- Win 2 numbers, you'll get 1.5 tez (0.37%)
- Win 3 numbers, you'll get the FIRST PRIZE! (0.002%)
- People win FIRST PRIZE can share 50% of collection sales + jackpot(1.7 tez)
- If no one win FIRST PRIZE during the drawing, the bonus will be accumulated to the jackpot for next drawing.

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