Atypical Lands


The starting point of this project was to build something generative, but also connected. Each piece here is part of a world of its own, with several continents, seas, anomalies... Pieces from the same world can be assemble to build a larger map with varying colors, reliefs...
Terrains are build using noises and levelsets.

In its default version, the work is placed on a canvas. It is possible to press "F" to switch between the with or without canvas view. The "x" key allows to save a PNG of the current view. The "W" key allows to create a very high quality version of the piece. The piece is fully responsive.

There are about 60 palettes, the rarest versions being those with a light background (8%), transparent background (2%), and also when the painting is extended on the canvas (5%). 20 different worlds are possible, each with its own size (from 2x2 to 4x4).

Implemented by @Aqw_Zert with p5js

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