Coral Spawn


Imagined coral-like creatures grown in a generative lab, released into the wild on fxhash.

Every variation is a unique generative curation of algorithmic choices. The resultant forms are at once both delicate and muscular. Are they alive? Could they survive in the wild?

The algorithm creates the skeleton of each creature from a set of anchor points and uses quadratic interpolation between the points to create the core shape. A rotating brush consisting of layered polygons of varying structures and patterns then follows the shape, twisting and turning and it goes. Generative features assigned to the brush then determines the resultant shape.

Keyboard shortcuts:
W to toggle wide mode
S save an image

Made with code and love by AutoEclectus in Australia.

AutoEclectus is a visual artist specialising in code-based generative works.

@autoeclectus everywhere:
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