Nabkha (نبکا)


Nabkha (نبکا) is the word for a sandy dune created by sediment being caught by vegetation, thus forming a dune in arid environments.

This token depicts a dynamic generated desert scene. The time of day and current date changes the conditions of the image. You will have a day/night cycle with the sun and moon moving across the sky changing the lighting of the image. Furthermore, on some days of the month you will have sandstorms blowing across the land and rarely a storm will pass by and bring some rain. The day of the month also changes the lunar cycle, so the moon will never look the same on 2 days of a month.

Possible features include a caravan making its way across the dune sea, vultures cycling overhead and a choice of oasis, pyramids or an obelisk in the foreground.

- Berlin, January 2022 -

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