Cloud Chamber


Hand in hand with the cosmic background.

Process: Forged in Hydra.

🌐 A note on rarity and variety:

This piece features a blend of both significant and subtle variations, leading to many interesting possible synergies.

As this is a highly temporal piece, these variations ask you to dive into the experience of the piece in order to fully appreciate them. Please proceed bearing this in mind.

Experiment with the aspect ratio of this piece using the ‘open live’ function below the viewport - it can be enjoyed elastically. A square frame provides a more formal experience, while a widescreen view provides an anamorphic touch.

As this piece relies heavily on feedback, the preview capture module will not be able to capture precisely what you see on your screen. There will be some slight thinning and dimming to the preview capture. Once more, this still preview is to be considered a skeletal scan of a moment within this piece.

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