Aquarium is an animated piece with a calming effect.
Much like watching an aquarium, the deliberate slow movement relaxed me.

Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy the moment.

This is my first exploration of generative art and p5js. I enjoyed the creative process a lot and this work inspired me to continue experimenting.

The background changes colors throughout the day. Every day the same background color will appear at the same time as the previous day. This will give you a different experience based on the time that you watch the piece.
The chosen background colors and their order are based on the transaction hash.

Following properties are also based on the transaction hash:
- Canvas orientation
- Color scheme
- Number of lanes
- Lane orientation
- Existence of a shadow on the circles
- Number of circles per lane
- Full circles or outlines only

Pressing 'p' will pause and restart the animation.
Pressing 's' will save a jpg of the work at it's current dimensions.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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