The Tiny Seed


Biological and inorganic matter often grow from a tiny seed. After leaving the seed, the trunk unfurls into an array of possibilities. After some time has passed, the seed is reborn.

Some seeds can take longer to grow than others. All seeds begin in the middle.

A couple resolutions: 256, 512, 1024, 2048 (larger is rarer)
All other parameters change the behavior, colorization, and animation of each piece.
This is a larger edition, since the parameter space is very wide.

Each piece is lightly interactive. During growth, more seeds can be added by clicking and drawing into untraversed territory.

When viewing the piece live, you can press the 's' key to take a capture. Captures may be scaled to any desired resolution using 'nearest-neighbor' scaling.

Made with p5.js, p5Fbo.js, and glsl

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