This piece, as suggested by the name, stems from an old art form that came from Japan about 1000 years ago. And has been practiced by people all around the world ever since.

My goal with this piece was to capture the feeling of origami and everything that comes with it, the paper texture, the delicate and often complicated folds, the colors, everything.

- Press [I] for information about your token (rarities, descriptions, etc.)
- Press [E] to open up the export settings, here you can export your token in up to 5000x5000 resolution.
- Press [<-] to show step counters, showing the process of the folds.


As for features, we have a couple:

Grid size: ranging from 1x1 all the way to 3x4
Color scheme: a total of 7 (possibly 9) color schemes are available.
Background: either dark or light.
Background feature: if your grid is 1x1 you can have background features.
Outlines: if you have outlines, your Origami will be transformed into Kirigami. (this is toggle-able)

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