Tribute to Strange

George Savva99/99

Strange attractors throw shapes across the canvas and evolve over time. Inspired by the 1997 'strange' screensaver from the xscreensavers collection.

Four different attractor families, three scaling methods (to map the attractor to the finite canvas), seven colour schemes and infinite parameter combinations lead to unique and fascinating shapes and transitions. The Clifford and de Jong attractors are represented, as well as two attractors of my own.

The scaling methods are: 'linear' which simply scale the x and y axes by the maximum absolute values, 'arctan' which replaces x and y with atan(x) and atan(y) and 'sin' which replaces x and y with sin(x) and sin(y) to map them both to (-1,1).

Printed on the console you'll see which attractor you have, its equations, the range of values the parameters can take and the scaling method used.

I hope you are inspired to learn about these systems.

All income from this token will be donated to foodbanks.

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