Quilt #2


Simulating an impressionist painting with a cubist layout. This is a long-running piece that can take up to 3 or more minutes to complete.

Press ā€™sā€™ to save a screenshot.
It will only draw if the browser window has focus, otherwise, it will pause.

- A quadtree is constructed from a variable distant poisson disc sample points on a noise field
- For each square in the quadtree ...
- Pick a random color or grey based on 3d noise (x, y, and time)
- New set of poisson disc sampled points are distributed based on 3d noise (x, y, and time)
- Points are used for brief particle simulation
- Path of those points are drawn with a brushstroke
- Once all of the squares are drawn, the time value increments and it loops back for another layer 10 times

- colorful: common, use full-color palette instead of colors and grey
- thick strokes: common, use thicker brush strokes
- smooth: common, smoother noise pattern
- particle can escape: rare, particles may extend beyond their bounding square

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