Skyfloors are a study of perspective, occlusion, color, shape and motion. Occular meditation. A visceral demonstration of noise' ability to emulate natural systems; rolling hills, an angry sea, gentle breezes, crawling skin - all wrapped in 2d isometric projection with a flamboyant twist and a minimal nod to cel animation.


right arrow - increase speed in direction 1
left arrow - increase speed in direction 0
P - pause / play
S - save image (increase res in devtools first if you are printing)
L - switch to black outline on brightlines featured pieces
B - switch to solid background on split background featured pieces
D - disable drop shadow

These pieces are pretty feature heavy and include a couple of ultra rare surprises.

All color palettes are procedurally generated, with each edition selecting for 1 of 4 different palette functions. 2 of these functions are open source and developed by meodai:

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