George Savva128/128

A study of attractor families transitioning from limit cycles to chaos. Each image builds its structure then continues to refine itself over time. Patience can be rewarded.

Variations include the shape of the underlying attractor, the variance within the attractor family and the colours.

High resolution images can be created and exported, the construction can be paused and unpaused, and the image inverted (works best when paused).


To stop/restart the attractor iterating, press SPACE.
To switch to a high resolution canvas, press 1-9. The canvas width will become n*1000 by n*1000 (so 2000x2000 if you press '2') and the attractor will restart.
To export the current canvas as a jpeg, press X.
To update the whole image with current data, press U (helpful if using a high resolution).
To invert, press I (pause first).

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