Bit Operations

Jonas Lund383/404

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Bit Operations is an visual exploration of computer fundamentals through bit-shifting operations. The visuals are generated by continuously shifting and combining binary patterns, resulting in evolving compositions of stark pixels and geometric shapes. The accompanying audio components are synthesized from this same modulating bit data.

At its core, the piece is driven by algorithms that perform bit-shifting - the simple acts of pushing binary values left or right within the computer's memory. By combining multiple shifting patterns together in different ways, complex permutations of light and dark visuals emerge. The audio reflects these same bit-level operations, with the rhythms and tones mapping directly to the shifts occurring in the data.

Through this formal process focused on bit-shifting, the piece lays bare the fundamental building blocks of how modern computers operate under the hood. It reduces computational logic to its most essential level - the manipulation of 1s and 0s through rudimentary shift operations. Yet from this simplicity, an infinite space of variations arises, both visually and aurally, highlighting the immense complexity potential within even the most basic digital operations.

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