Cable Management


This piece is a reflection of my passions, a blend of the visual and the auditory, and a testament to the power of interdisciplinary inspiration.

At the very core of 'Cable Management' lies the mesmerizing aura of 'Impressions of Order' by nbswwit. This piece, woven with a rich tapestry of patterns, was a visual catalyst that nudged me towards another intriguing realm: Modular Synthesizers. While many associate these intricate machines with sound, I was drawn to their visual aspect. The maze of cables, the geometric alignment of modules, the unpredictability in their assembly - all of these became pivotal visual inspirations for both the aesthetics and the very name of my piece.

My deep-seated musical background has always been a reservoir of inspiration. But with 'Cable Management', my ambition was to transcend beyond the auditory. I sought not to directly incorporate sound but to let the principles of music shape the contours of my visual artwork. And in the layered structure of the artwork, I found an echo of the captivating world of polyrhythms. Just as these rhythms, when layered, weave an enchanting harmonic tapestry, the four layers in 'Cable Management', each scaling its own grid, come together to produce a visual rhythm that is both intricate and harmonious.

An algorithm, teetering with a chaos factor between 95% to 99%, was my experiment in dancing on the fine line between predictability and serendipity. It was a revelation, showcasing that even when one thinks they've charted every course, there's always room for a delightful surprise, for a twist in the tale.

Navigating the oscillation between chaos and order has been a profound experience. The idea of staying unwaveringly committed to an initial vision, despite the whirlwind of creativity, feels like a cherished accomplishment.

And lastly, a heartfelt dedication. Through every line of code, every algorithm tweak, she remained my rock. Alice, as you embrace another year, this piece is not just an ode to my creative journey but also a heartfelt tribute to you, my biggest supporter since the outset. This project, and every beat of my heart, is for you. <3

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Rob Scalera | 2023

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