Abstract Automata

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In my journey into abstract art, which gazes towards informal art, I've crafted a generative work that combines the complexity of cellular automata (with 33 rules) with an irregular grid, precisely outlined by a particulate flowfield that follows it with a sinuous and captivating movement.

This artwork, which I've titled "Abstract Automata" is an expression of my artistic exploration in delving into the interplay between order and chaos, regularity and irregularity. I've created an irregular grid as the foundation for the piece, intentionally breaking symmetry and linearity, embracing unpredictability.

What convinced me to create this comes to life when the artwork is animated through a cellular automata. Colors blend with the grid, giving a sense of homogeneity. Subsequently, a particulate element follows an intricate path within the irregular grid, leaving a trail of colors and moving shapes, forming a visual choreography. Finally, in contrast to the complexity of the previous interactions, there's a 100% abstract particulate. This entity defies all rules and logic, acting entirely freely and randomly. This element adds a touch of mystery and unpredictability to the artwork, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and wonder.

As I mentioned, in this artwork, my exploration of informal art translates into an experience where randomness and regularity meld to create a new form of abstract "beauty." The use of cellular automata is because I found them highly fascinating to study and is a clear homage to this marketplace.

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Kenzo da barra

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