The house I lived in when I was young was a house with a small backyard with brick walls. I often imagined it in the backyard at the time.
If I grow up and have my own house later, I want to live in a house with a backyard with a dense nature and a view of a vast mountain.
Although I haven't achieved the imagination that I did when I was young yet. I'm so happy because I think it came true in the world of generative art.
I hope you have the backyard that you imagine.


- Canvas: vertical / horizontal
- Palette: black / red / green / purple / yellow / blue
- Highlighted object: tree / flowers / brickwall
- MountainType: standard / sharp
- Tree: true / false
- Flowers: true / false
- Stars: true / false
- Fog: true / false
- Brickwall: true / false
- Sun or Moon: true / false / supersize
- After the rain: true / false


Press "s" in live mode to download the rendered image as a png file. (2000 x 3000 for vertical, 3000 x 1500 for horizontal)

Made with p5js and passion
By thion, September 2023

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