MetaSignal: Lexicon


The project is a reinterpretation of my previous "MetaSignal", with a different key.

Two one-dimensional 3-states cellular automata intersect to form a grid with a total of nine states.
A two-dimensional cellular automata extracts details from the grid.

This complex configuration enhances the veil of mystery surrounding how intricate and captivating structures emerge from simple random rulesets.
I invite you to search and reflect about the hidden layers of meaning, hoping you will find yours.


16 messages, 3 sampling methods, a small probability of receiving a broken signal.

• Clicking/tapping on the canvas shows a menu to pause, resume, reverse generation direction and download the current 1080x1080 pixels frame.

Done with p5.js
Simone "OuterSilent" Ferrari | IG: @outertales | September 2023

   Per aspera ad astra.

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