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Illustrations from The Collection of Most Beautiful Fairy Tales I had and puzzles with a painting by Ivan Rabuzin owned by one of my friends are deeply embedded in my childhood memory as images I was enchanted by and wished I knew how to make. Recently, searching for both items in antique stores, it turned out the illustrations, although still beautiful, aren't the same as I remember them. Rabuzin's oeuvre is rich and is a direct inspiration for this project, but I failed to find any evidence those puzzles ever existed and possibly are the product of my imagination.

The same case is with fairy tales and their true and "untrue" nature. A hero embarks on a journey where various events unfold in seemingly random or loosely connected ways. The occurrences sometimes lead to improbable plot twists, but these enigmatic transformations ultimately bring the story full circle, evoking a sense of familiarity combined with an air of mystery.

On this Enchanted journey, you might end up in one of five possible scenes: Fairy Lake, Magic Wetlands, Giant's Woods, Over 7 Seas and 7 Mountains, or Enchanted Forest. Look out for the FOMO keyboard key to visit more locations.

Use [s] key in live view to save output as PNG.

Enchanted was part of the Blind Gallery x Feral File Vistas Edition.
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