Zero-player game

Ivan Dianov782/4096

The pattern is endless and doesn't loop. It is deterministic: even if you scroll a mile away and then return, you will find each pixel exactly where it was. Give it a try!

When I was young, It was intimidating to think about space because it was endless. I felt like I'm completely dissolving in it and turning into zero.

I was getting older and exploring the world around me. What seemed large and complex turned out to be the result of the interaction of simple elements. Even the infinite Universe can be decomposed and understood.

“Zero-player game” is a cellular automaton through which I explore the concept of infinity and emergence. The game starts with a surface covered by random cells. Over six iterations the image becomes more complex as the cells divide and change their colors according to a set of thirty two rules.

More information about the project at

- Swipe or use arrow keys to navigate.
- Add ?lat=100500&lon=100500 to URL and teleport to a distant location.
- Press “S” to save a picture.

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