Butterfly, Rattlesnake


Part of the fxhackathon 2023: co-creation interfaces.

The hackathon provided the perfect excuse to create a custom minting interface that makes use of hand-tracking. Enabling this sort of co-creation between the algorithm and the user has been on my mind for quite some time and is most likely the first of its kind on this platform!

Drawing conceptual inspiration from the mental patterns that each of us has, but can be unaware of, this is an attempt to visualize them using feedback loops. While minting, you can imagine sharing one of your patterns like this with the world.

The graphical style is influenced by the infinitely looping GIFs, and the effect itself is created using a bunch of simple circular geometries that are fed into feedback loops. The color gradients are made by something that could be called chromatic motion blur.

[ space ] - pause
[ f ] - fullscreen
[ s ] - save the current frame as an image

Created with Three.js & TensorFlow
Copyright (c) August - September 2023 Shaderism

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