"rosarium" is part of the live minting experience at Non Fungible Conference Lisbon, June 7-8, 2023.

Each iteration of rosarium is an arrangement of several unique species of ethereal, alien, and yet familiar flowers.

This piece uses progressive volumetric rendering to produce photorealistic images. It may take several seconds to produce a recognizable image, and several minutes to produce a high-quality render with no visible noise.

Created with webgl and clojurescript.


Click on the canvas to open a menu in the top right corner. In this menu you will see controls to capture a screenshot, adjust resolution, and adjust the camera, along with several other controls.

When the "optimized render" option is checked, the page will compute an acceleration structure before rendering to allow the piece to converge much faster. With this option checked, the piece may need to process for up to a minute before rendering begins, but subsequently the rendering will proceed much more quickly than normal. This can be used to generate high-quality captures more quickly than when the option is not checked.

When the "filtering" option is checked, a noise filter will be applied to the result of the render, reducing the appearance of noise.

The "logic multiple" slider can be used to multiply the amount of rendering work done each frame. Increasing this number may allow the piece to render more quickly, but may also make the page laggy. It is not recommended to increase this number unless you have a powerful GPU.

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