Simple Fail


===== A Simple Fail =====

An attempt to release a quick follow-up to Adherence following simple rules and a concise set of features has utterly failed! I ended up spending 9 months of development on this "quick" project; I didn't even spend that much time on Adherence. What happened? First, and foremost, I had no intention to ever release a project that I wouldn't be absolutely excited about if I were to see in the Incoming feed as a collector. Nothing wrong with that, right!? But, not all factors that delayed this project were so noble. I have to admit that as I continued to stack features and techniques, my codebase, once again, has gotten away from me. I'm not too worried about how poor my code will look to lurkers (although, God help them!). But, poor code, without question, hampers the ability for a developer to iterate. Each shortcut a developer takes lays traps along paths that will eventually be revisited and I took A LOT of shortcuts in my excitement of each new idea.

Appropriately, my failures are fully in keeping with the project itself. A Simple Fail explores a favorite generative theme of human imperfection through the construction of each mints foundational grid to the "inaccuracy" of draw styles that fill each shape.

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==== fx(params) Info ====

WARNING: 1-Day Grace Period!

There is only a 24 hour grace period before mint tickets will need to be protected with the params tax. Why? Because there is currently no way to trade mint tickets during the grace period. If you don't mint your ticket immediately, I STRONGLY suggest that you immediately update the price and tax coverage on your mint ticket. This should only matter in the fortuitous case of a sell out, but I wanted to make sure this was communicated clearly just in case!

I had initially decided to not include params in this project at all. I think params are great, but most projects released with params so far have suffered because of them, in my opinion. Params often detract from the artist's efforts to craft the feature-probability space and tuning of the project. I put a lot of effort into that in this project and I didn't want to see collectors struggle to replicate what I've already crafted. That said, I loved the restrained way Tyler Boswell (@teaboswell) implemented params in Reunion to give collectors a limited ability to choose their mints. I thought 25 seeds per wallet was a little on the light side. So, I have doubled that to 50 potential mints a wallet can choose from. I have also configured an option to mint a completely random mint in the traditional style. The features in your mint might include a complementary tip of the hat to your faithfulness for being so bold! This option is selected by default.

===== Interactions =====

{A}dapt to device screen size (twice to rotate, thrice to original)
{S}ave at current resolution
{P}erfect grid switch
{Z}oom switch
{1-8} Save at x multiple of screen size

== Print Options ==
{B}ackground switch
{F}rame switch
{G}rain switch
{H}ighlight switch

== URL Parameters (useful for adjusting and saving on mobile devices) ==
(Start your group of parameters by appending "&" to the end of your token URL following the fxparam parameters. Append additional parameters with "&")

-1 = original
1 = device adaptive aspect ratio
2 = rotated device adaptive aspect ratio
[1-8] = resolution multiplier factor
1 = save a png after generation

To save a png of your token which uses an adaptive aspect ratio based on your current device at 3x resolution use the following set of url parameters: https://<tokenURL>?<fxparams>&adaptive=1&resolution=3&export=1

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