Streaming is an exploration of curl noise and rounding errors, using fx(params) to shape the piece.

My own method for producing pieces of interest is to randomise all parameters, then lock favourable aspects and experiment with altering one or two parameters. If the piece is too dark, reduce the render length or increase the stroke weight. If the piece seems too light, alter the volatility of the noise, or slow it down with increased friction. Each parameter can, of course, be explained in great detail, but in reality the best way to work with the piece is to play.

The random numbers for the piece are generated using the minter's address, meaning that what you see as a live preview will be the exact mint received.

This page has been generated using fx_hash public API, to display an overview of a creator's collection from The computation of "rarity" is not the official computation and therefore can differ. Dev by @zancan.