In this work I mainly concentrated on the use of color, the construction of the palettes and the light contrasts that can be generated. To do this, I analyzed various works by some abstract artists, especially some by Paul Klee.

In my recent previous works I looked for an exploration through learning new algorithms, but for this one I decided to take the classic flowfield as a starting point, trying to find a personal style from it through color.

The title “Circunvoluciones” (Circumvolutions) refers to those very characteristic shapes that can be achieved with the flowfield, by means of layers that surround each other.

10 palettes with different background combinations
1332 x 2000 pixels

Press "S" to save a png image
Press "T" to save a tiff image (may take time, canvastotiff.js)

created by @mdollinger using p5js

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